Welcome to Uber Progs Inc.

If you are not intending to learn about Ti-Basic, please leave the site.

Uber Progs inc is an organization run by me, Kevin Johnson, with intent of showing the Ti-Basic community the proper way to write good code. I will update the site with downloads of all of our great programs, and tutorials on how to write code in the same space saving, easy to understand, template heavy style. All programs and information is based on the Ti 83 or 84 style of Basic. You could seriously just copy and paste templates throughout an entire program and change a few numbers and words for text menus, and you would have a unique game that looked complete. Also, people of any level of basic programming skill, even people who don't know what disp means, can program after reading my tutorials and using my templates and techniques.

Pages that will be featured include Tutorials on all major Ti-Basic commands that I would use, a download section for programs made by my organization, and a highly ADVANCED tips and tricks guide for all you advanced programmers looking for something I know that you don't. The site WILL be updated thoroughly and often from the comfort of my nintendo Wii's internet browser. :-)

The big scoop for today is Understanding getKey. Check this out to use it your own way.

The team's project page on ticalc.org is http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/102/10238.html

All materials subject to the License agreement. As this site is about Ti-basic, I would like it if members would not add anything about Xlib or other programs, as these are not straight basic.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 License